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Grand Theft Auto V News: Lindsey Lohan Sued Rockstar For The Publicity

Back in July, famous (ahem, infamous) actress Lindsey Lohan filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for supposedly using her likeness for a character in their latest open-world masterpiece, Grand Theft Auto V. The character in question is Lacy Jonas, who Lohan claims is a direct, “unequivocal” likeness of her.


Grand Theft Auto V Lindsey Lohan

However, in a recent counterattack, Rockstar Games is now accusing Lindsey Lohan of suing the company simply for the press and media attention (according to Associated Press). The court papers were released to the public earlier this week, with statements saying that the case was “only filed for publicity purposes,” and that the entire debacle is “frivolous.”

Rockstar has asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed entirely, and that Lindsey Lohan pay the legal fees the company spent on the case.


Previously, Rockstar Games said that Lindsey Lohan and Lacy Jonas are only alike in the fact that they are both young, blonde females. In Grand Theft Auto V, Lacy Jonas is depicted as a stereotypical Hollywood diva, and an in-game mission consists of players have to help her escape from paparazzi.

You can watch a video of the mission below:

Grand Theft Auto V Lacy Jonas Mission


What are your thoughts on this interesting turn of events? Do you think Lindsey Lohan has a real case here, or is she just doing it for, as Rockstar Games said, the publicity? Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to GamerHeadlines.com for the latest in video game and technology news.

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