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Ran Out Of Buttons? Print More! – Roccat Nyth Gaming Mouse

PC Gaming Peripherals have been growing more and more advanced, now Roccat have taken it a step further with their new modular gaming mouse called “Nyth” which allows users to print their own 3D buttons.

Roccat have came out and described their new “Nyth” mouse as an MMO mouse similar to the Razer Naga or Logitech G660 however they also say that with a slight adjustment it could become a MOBA mouse in an instant, this is all thanks to their easily adjustable and quick button replacement feature. Roccat hasn’t detailed the process, but presumably you’ll be able to design your own buttons and side-parts via a 3D Printer.

Roccat Skelter “Smartphone” Gaming Keyboard

In other news Roccat have also launched a new keyboard along side the Nyth, this new “Skelter” keyboard as it is being called will allow users to connect their smartphone to the keyboard and use it to launch apps or more importantly answer phone calls with a key-command, making answering calls while gaming simple and effective without distracting you from your current game.

If you wish to find out more about Roccats new devices and plans then click this link to be redirected to their official website.