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Steam Now Allows Multiple Installations At Once

In latest news, Steam is going to allow multiple installations at once in their next update. Steam Database released this through their twitter couple days ago.

All we’re saying is finally. If some gamers were installing one by one and didn’t have this problem, then I’m glad they didn’t have this issue. However, if you’re one to buy the Humble Bundle or even various games at once, you had to install them one by one and wait for each game to complete downloading before you could start the next one. You’d have to let it sit there for a decent amount of time for 3-4 games at once. This is especially painful when you’re purchasing games through the Summer Sale and buy a bundle from any studio. That’s roughly 16 games and all have to download one by one. I and likely a ton of other Steam users will agree that this was long over due.

Steam Database also put on their twitter that in the coding of Steam there could be film, TV Series, and video coming. This could mean that we could see streaming video and TV through Steam. They also already had some films like Indie Game: The Movie and other documentaries posted on their client. Until then, the Beta users will be able to take a peek at what’s next to come for Steam.

Steam is also going to have a controller if you didn’t know. You can check out their latest model here. I’m unsure of how the Steam controller will run over for a PC based client, but we’ll see when it gets released.

What do you think of the latest Steam update? Was this update long overdue or did you not have a problem with it? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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