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Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate: Japanese and Chinese Demon

Koei Tecmo Games and Omega Force have released two new characters in Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate’s cast. Unlike the previous warriors mentioned, these additions are not human but demons; although monsters are not well-liked in the past, these mythological creatures are a welcoming sight that adds more diversity into the character selection and interest for culture lovers.  Yet, who are these powerful beings?


Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate


On the upper-left corner, the female demon named Kyúbi is inspired by the common Japanese “kyubi-no-kitsune” folklore, in English context “the nine-tailed fox”. As her name suggests, she has nine-tails that are used to attack nearby enemies, but she fights in her human form, despite the animal qualities still lingering. Here’s her profile:

An evil demon that possesses the appearance of a human, but the ears and tail of a fox. She uses the nine tails that emerge from her hips like a weapon and it also capable of using them to create impostors of people in order to deceive her enemies.


On the opposite side, Hundun’s origins comes straight from the Chinese mythology and cosmogony as both the “legendary faceless being” and the “primordial and central chaos”.  As such, this chaotic fellow’s name can also be interpreted as “muddled confusion”.  Here’s his description:

Chaos personified, he is a demon that thrives on turmoil and resides in a world different from the one where the heroes of ancient China and Japan find themselves. With his beast-like head, two sets of wings, and two sets of arms, he wields his giant hatchets with unparalleled ferocity and is determined to crush those that see to bring order to his realm.

Besides releasing details on these mystical but dangerous individuals, the website has been updated with a multitude of screenshots. Therefore, this writer suggests that online readers should checkout the uploaded gallery to see these epic screenshots that contain these demons and more. Although these hack-and-slash entries contain some history and culture, most players just love the on-going action created from their favorite playable characters.

This upcoming game will arrive in North America on September 2nd, Europe on Sept. 5th, and Japan on Sept 26th (PS3 only).  Remember though, this title is for the PlayStation Vita, PS3, PS4, and XBox one. For more information, please visit the official website.

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