Smash Bros Unlock Characters and Stages

While those of us in the West are grinding the demo to dust in anticipation of Super Smash Bros 3DS’ October 3rd launch, Japanese gamers have been furiously playing the game, and breaking their 3DS’ joypad in the process, to bring you this list of all the current methods to unlock every character and stage :

 Fighter Unlock:

When playing in Smash Mode, including during online play, you unlock a new character every 10 matches:

  • 10 Matches: Ness
  • 20 Matches: Falco
  • 30 Matches: Wario
  • 40 Matches: Lucina
  • 50 Matches: Dark Pit
  • 60 Matches: Dr. Mario
  • 70 Matches: R.O.B.
  • 80 Matches: Ganondorf
  • 90 Matches: Mr. Game and Watch
  • 100 Matches: Bowser Jr.
  • 110 Matches: Duck Hunt
  • 120 Matches: Jigglypuff

Alternative unlock methods have also been revealed for the following characters:

  • Lucina: beat Classic mode as Marth
  • Dark Pit: beat Classic mode as Palutena
  • Dr. Mario: beat Classic mode as Mario
  • Ganondorf: beat Classic mode as Link
  • Bowser Jr: beat Classic mode as Bowser at intensity level 7.0

Stage Unlock:

Stages are unlocked when you reach certain requirements in the game. Each stage revealed also unlocks a new challenge in Challenge Mode:

  • Magicant Stage: Unlock Ness
  • WarioWare Stage: Unlock Wario
  • Pac-Man Stage: Use Pac-Man’s final smash
  • Balloon Fight Stage: Use Villager three times
  • Pupupu Land: Use Kirby’s Final Smash

Source: IGN UK

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