As soon as I had heard about Play Expo being hosted at a city close to home, I simply had to go. With promised offerings of upcoming games and a chance to try out the Oculus Rift, who wouldn’t? Play Expo upon arrival was clearly unorganized, especially on the first day. There were vast amounts of stalls being set up still, an hour after opening. Many stalls were missing from the schedules and the speeches seemed to announce anything but new software. Cues were crazy big too, but luckily with a special pass I managed to get in a few minutes before the crowds started entering.


Anyhow, putting the first day aside, I decided, surely the last day would be a much better experience. Indeed it was. More stalls, more games, more things to play as it wasn’t as busy and I actually got a chance to meet some of the indie game developers too. I managed to preview a few great looking kick starter titles. Just to give you an idea, it was laid out into 5 or so areas. You had retro consoles and pinball machines, PS4s, merchandise, Cosplay and more. Each area was packed with things to do, games to play and things to report on.

The Oculus Rift showcased a realm of gaming I had never entered before, playing Ghost Ship through the headset seemed all too natural with the intuitive controls and virtual realism. The Oculus really did add a visual depth and I am looking forward to its release next year. Visually the games are a step back, but the fact that the headset makes you feel like you’re in that world makes the difference between playing a game and experiencing a game.


Titles such as Bopscotch were showcased on the Xbox 360, a game developed by a tiny studio. A game that plays a lot like the indie hit The Impossible Game except it is made for kids to play. You play as blobs with the inevitable outcome of impending death around every corner. Its art style is unique, cartoony and it oozes originality. It’s available for a mere 1.99 on the indie store or you can download it on Android and IOS.

Various Kickstarter titles were shown too, one in particular KAIJU PANIC stood out as it took the generic tower defense game and added depth with various sidequests along side protecting the city.

Besides these though, not much new was shown. Cosplay was great fun and the Retro area brought back many childhood memories. In fact, seeing the actual De Lorean from the Back To The Future films brought an immediate feeling of nostalgia, but the absence of many upcoming titles dampened the experience.


Still, I had a great time and had many experiences that I would not have had otherwise. If you have any questions, let me know below. Some Footage of the event and the Kickstarter games will be available on the Gamerheadlines YouTube channel soon. As always, bookmark Gamerheadlines for the latest, greatest news and reviews!