The Seventh Ark

Final Fantasy fans who sifted through some files from the original release of the game in the new PC Port have discovered an unused dungeon from Final Fantasy XIII called The Seventh Ark. According to the compendium on the game Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega, the area was cut as it did not meet the standards of quality SquareEnix was aiming for and “because of the great differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 network systems.” It was intended to include quests and a free battle area.

It has been speculated that as the dungeon includes cutscenes as well as a boss that it was intended to be released as DLC. The dungeon’s boss Nemesis is similar to the fal’Cie Anima you fight at the beginning of the game, and the interior was eventually used in Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the battle against the demi-fal’Cie Adam. You can witness a full playthrough of the area by Youtube user SkacikPL in the video below:

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Source: Nova Crystalis

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