Hardware Comparison of Google Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5C

The competition in the smartphone market has gone way fiercer over the past few years with lots of handsets released simultaneously which is what exactly happened to the iPhone 5C of Apple. It was actually released at the same time with the 5S which is the company’s different approach to dominate the industry. Also, there’s the Nexus 5 of Google which was released not long after the Nexus 4 handset was officially launched. If you are choosing a handset to buy based on the hardware segment, here’s how the 5C of Apple and Nexus 5 of Google compare to each other.

iPhone 5C vs Google Nexus 5: Processor Comparison

Hardware Comparison of Google Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5CThis handset is powered by dual core processor that is Apple A6 with a clocked speed of 1.3GHz integrated with 1GB of RAM. The processor that runs the iPhone 5C ensures its user with a smooth performing handset which is the same with the other flagship variant of Apple released simultaneously with the 5C which is the iPhone 5S.

In comparison, the Nexus 5 of Google didn’t hold back in providing its users with the best processor that is available in the market today which is why it is powered by the latest Snapdragon 800 chipset. The device is supported with a quad core processor that is Krait 400 plus GPU of Adreno 330 offering a smooth performing handset. Whatever the task that is thrown to the processor, it’s able to handle all of them with ease whether they are high or low intensity tasks.

Memory Comparison

When it comes to the memory segment, there are two variants that the users of the iPhone 5C can choose from, the 16GB and the 32GB. Since this handset doesn’t have a micro SD card slot, this means that the user might not be able to store a lot of data on the iPhone 5C.

The Nexus 5 has the same offering to its users as far as the built-in memory is concerned—16GB and 32GB without an external storage capability which is a major disappointment for those who intend to store a lot of data on the handset.

The iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 smartphones run on different operating systems but they are the same in the memory segment. Which do you think has the better hardware offering between these two handsets? If you’re limited with your options and you’re stuck with these two, just be extra cautious of what to store on your handset so you don’t go short on internal memory space to use. Other than the memory segment, both handsets make really good picks.