Must-Know Info About the Viv Digital Assistant From the Siri Makers

If you’ve used virtual assistants like Google Now and Siri, you might want to give the Viv digital assistant a shot because this artificial intelligence system is said to be the best there is currently.

Virtual assistants like Siri for instance, are able to answer simple requests of its user and anticipate the person’s needs according to his current location. Yes, this type of assistant is very useful but the makers of Siri have worked on something way better—that is Viv which is known to process even the most difficult requests and make the user feel like he’s interacting with a real person.

Differences Between Siri and Viv

The Viv Labs which was founded by the brains behind Siri namely Dag Kittlaus, Chris Brigham and Adam Cheyer have together worked on producing the artificial intelligence system. How the Viv digital assistant differs from Siri is that it is able to answer more long winded demands and it does so by communicating like a real person. The experience would be like it’s another human being talking to you. As Wired took as an example, if you would say something like ‘I am on my way to the house of my brother and I need to grab some affordable wine to go with lasagna’. Services such as Google Now and Siri will normally gather details about the liquor stores that you would pass through going to your brother’s house but they won’t likely help you find perfect wine to get for your pasta.

How the Artificial Intelligence Does It Job

Must-Know Info About the Viv Digital Assistant From the Siri MakersThe Viv digital assistant actually breaks down details from every sentence that it gets. It would recognize all the nouns and collects all resources that it can associate with them. If you mention the word wine, it will pull together related resources that you would likely need that are associated to the nouns like types of wines, prices, locations of liquor stores, etc.

According to the founders of this program, the Viv digital assistant gets smarter as more and more people make use of it and gradually it would become the type of assistant that knows exactly what you want without you giving detailed commands to it. As for the downside, this technology may sound really remarkable but there is a very tight race in the market and the giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft are going above and beyond to beat this digital assistant.