Skype vs Viber Desktop Version: How Does Viber Compare to Skype?

For quite some time now, Viber has been dominating the smartphones app arena allowing its users to communicate with each other for free. Just recently, it has released its desktop version for users to also use the app for their personal computers and when it comes to this type of program, the first name that would come to mind which offers the same thing is Skype. Releasing the PC version would mean that the mobile app will be competing against Skype which has dominated the market with its offering of high quality video calls so now the big question is, how exactly will this mobile app compare to Skype?

Viber & Skype: User Registration

To be able to use Viber on desktops, a registration should be done using the mobile number of the user and once done, there will be a code provided to enter for the activation of the app on the personal computer. Just like Skype, this new app’s desktop version will be offered for free to other people using the same application and the pricing will be per minute and it will differ from one location to another.

Video Calling

While Skype can be used in making video calls on different platforms, those who install this on their personal computers won’t have any issues whatsoever but just enjoy their conversations. The video calling feature of the giant in the mobile arena on the other hand, is already available but it is in beta version still only while the company continuously tries to get it optimized.

Call Quality

Skype vs Viber Desktop Version: How Does Viber Compare to Skype?As said earlier, there isn’t any issue with Skype as far as providing quality audio and video is concerned because it those have been optimized way too many times already. As long as the user has a high internet speed, he/she should be able to enjoy the call quality that Skype offers. As for Viber video call quality, it’s again in beta still so its users will likely experience poor audio and video quality which is just normal. This will even persist even if the user has high speed internet at home.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Of course, everyone knows that the new version of the mobile app can run not only on personal computers but in other OS too which makes it a god pick in communicating with other users. Meanwhile, Skype has also taken extra steps by supporting not just PCs but also smartphones, tablets, PlayStation and televisions even.

It’s pretty clear than Skype dominates the audio and video calling world when talking about communicating through personal computers but Viber isn’t that bad. While it still has a lot of job to do in order to a serious rival of Skype, it is not impossible for it to succeed and do better than its rival.