Amplifon and Google Updates Google Maps to Include Sounds

The workers of Amplifon, a company that specializes on hearing care and is currently stationed at Europe, have recently developed a technique where in it allows people to add sounds to the famous feature of Google Maps, the Street View.

As someone from the company of Amplifon said, an audio record of a particular street’s unique sound will be made available for uploading in the Street View function by any person who uses the Google Maps app and has experience with coding.

The “Sound of Street View”, the name given the project, looks forward to help those people who want to familiarize themselves with the hurly-burly of well-known locations, such as Times Square, and they do not even have to worry for the of either a two way plane ticket, the gasoline for your private car and/ or a hotel booking.

Amplifon and Google Updates Google Maps to Include SoundsThe project, which is open sourced, functions examples from the area of Chicago by now. According to Ozy, a news and information site, a user captured the soft and relaxing hum of the city’s Buckingham Fountain, a famous landmark, syncing it with the matching illustration of the fountain on Google Street View. The soundtrack plays the splattering of the water, and also the noise made by the people who are walking past and even the sound of the some persons driving by.

One of the reasons for the Sound of Street View was to imitate accurately the noises of people, things animal and others as if someone is positioned in a specific mark on any of the streets globally. Amplifon also wishes to produce a “3D” or 3 dimensional experience for your ears. If anyone decides to try it out, the sounds supposedly “in front” of them will be heard louder than the ones “behind” them. It is like when sitting inside a cinema wherein the customer will hear sounds suitable to their position in surround.

With the fresh technology of Oculus VR being just around the corner, allegedly upgrading a new headset with built-in microphones, perhaps after a while, holiday makers or adventurers on a tight budget would be able to experience a feel Rome, Venice or any place on the world by just being in their home. Amplifon is expecting that this project would just be one single step on the way to altering the manner we use maps forever.