Nokia Lumia 625

The Nokia Lumia and the Nokia X are different models of Nokia that offer different features. When choosing what to buy many factors come in play. In order to honestly decide what phone is for you, you must look at the specifications. These phones are both valued, and bought everyday, but choosing which model can be somewhat difficult.

Nokia Lumia 625

This cell phone has a high rating from its users and has a convenient medium sized design. It stands at 5.25 inches and is 0.36 inches thick, which is a decent size.It weighs 5.61 ounces. The display is decent with 480x 800 pixels. Its internal storage can hold up to 8GB, it has a memory card slot that can hold up to 64 GB. This is a good amount os storage, so users that download a lot wont have to worry as much about space. It features an FM radio, GPS, and offers much personality to its users with an assortment of colors.

Nokia X

The Nokia X has a smaller build and may be perfect to fit in a pocket better this way. Its measurements are 4.55×2.48×0.41, and weighs 4.52 ounces. This phone has decent performance ratings, and also comes in a multitude of colors. The internal storage only holds about 4GB so it might be best for someone who is not big on downloading a lot onto their phone. It also features FM radio, like most Nokia phones do, and features GPS. The screen is 4 inches tall with 480×800 pixels, the same amount of resolution as its cousin. It runs on a 3G/2G network so for the most part it will get the job done.

What’s The Verdict?

The major factors in deciding what phone for you is price and what you get for that price. The Nokia Lumia 625 is low in price and offers a lot of value. You don’t just get the basics with this phone. It uses a combination of other networks including 4G so you don’t get just the standard. Then on the other side the Nokia X has what you need and brings something to the table. It is less expensive, but not by much. It is still qualified as a smart phone, as it offers you the basic features of one. The overall best phone for the value would have to be the Nokia Lumia 625. It offers a bigger size, and has the biggest advantage with its storage space so you don’t have to feel restricted because of the price you pay.