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Nintendo to Watch You While You Sleep With New Wellness Device

CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced on Thursday that Nintendo’s new health care division is working on a wellness device that will track your sleep and monitor your fatigue. The device is being made in conjunction with U.S. firm ResMed Inc. that works to make products to help people with sleep disorders.

This wireless device will be about the size of a hand and is made to rest on your bedside table, where it measures sleep habits using microwave transmission. While not much else is known about the device, Iwata’s commented that “by using our know-how in gaming… to analyse sleep and fatigue, we can create something fun.”

Nintendo already has some experience with entertaining wellness software such as Wii Fit, which encourages players to exercise. When asked about sales expectations and pricing, Iwata stated that the service may be offered on a subscription basis, but stressed that it is too early to project finances:

“We only start something new if we think we will be able to create a big market, but as I’m not able to discuss pricing plans and other details today I don’t think there’s much point in giving a figure for our projected scale.”

The device is projected to release within the financial year ending March 2016.

What do you think about Nintendo’s break into health care? Do you think they are capable of making adjusting your sleep habits entertaining? Let us know in the comments.


Source: The Globe and Mail


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