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Telltale Game of Thrones Season Will Premiere Before 2015 Tweets PR Rep

Winter is coming, and so is the Telltale Game of Thrones game according to Telltale’s PR rep Laura Perusco. She tweeted in response to a query about when the game would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade that the still very mysterious Telltale Game of Thrones season will be premiering before the year is through:


This is surely exciting news for fans of the HBO series who can’t wait till Spring (or till whenever the next novel is finally released) to experience the world of George R. R. Martin’s fantastical novels once again.

Not much is known about the Game of Thrones game at this point, except that like all of Telltale’s games it will be a story-driven point-and-click based adventure broken up into episodes, and features a hitherto little known family of hunters and trackers in the Game of Thrones universe, The Forresters.

Are you going to purchase the game when it rolls out in the next couple months, or wait till the season is complete? Excited to learn more about the Forresters and the scenarios that will play out in this game from the award winning studio that produced The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us? Let us know in the comments!

Source: NeoGAF


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