As it was reported by TV by the Numbers: the American Horror Story: Freakshow has high number for its newest season of this popular spooky series. It was among the top rated on the viewership charts of cable programming on Wednesday. The series reached 4.3 million viewers and it hit 2.2 rates for the adults between ages of 18-49. The third episode had already been featured.

Even if the American Horror Story: Freakshow has a good rate; the numbers of viewer of the show have been dropping compared to the season premiere. The season premier was viewed by 6.1 million viewers and it was rated at 3.1. The following episode was 4.5 million viewers and it was rated at 2.3. The same trend is expected to take placed for the particular series and they change the entire cast and story each season. Many people may tune within the season premiere to see if a film is within their taste and if they like it, then they will stick on it.

Another reason of high viewers is that the show does not have tough competition on Wednesday evening. As the original programming are taken into account, Key&Peele  of Comedy Central is another  popular show that it is aired the same night. Its numbers had paled by the American Horror Story which was 1.2 million with the rating of 0.7. Unless more shows start to premier at the Wednesday nights, American Horror Story: Freakshow has this day under its wrap.

Many people had turned out in the big number of FX to view the American Horror Story: Freakshow. The FX works under the policy that it should not release the ratings of any movie without waiting for 3 days so that the DVR playback rate should also be included. However, when the numbers were released, it showed that there is a large number from all ages that watched the movie.

This is the third year that American Horror Story had opened to a high number. The premier season under the name Murder House in 2011 had 3.848 million viewers and the last year season Coven had 5.538 million viewers. The finale of Coven had 4.242 viewers.

The show is about clowns, strongmen and hermaphrodites. New people arrive to Cabinet of Curiosities of Elsa and this included Dell The Strongman who is Michael Chiklis and his wife Angela Bassett in the role of Desire Dupree. She is hermaphrodite of three breasts. They are running away from Chicago because Dell had to kill someone because he was having affair with his wife Desiree. He has a problem with his temper and this does not help because he is a strongman.

In the game, Lou Eyrish, the costume designer was able to style Lea Michelle to become the perfect prim schoolgirl, Jessice Lange to be a vengeful nun while Angela Basset  is a voodoo empress. The movie had daring stunt which involved making a man have claws, a woman to have 3 breasts, a woman with two heads and other people who have different proportions and appendages.