Roundabout Announcement trailer
Stop your screaming, does this look like a face that cares.

Step into the revolving shoes of Georgio Manos with the Roundabout Announcement trailer

That's a lot of blood you're going to have to explain to the cops later in the Roundabout Announcement trailer.
That’s a lot of blood you’re going to have to explain to the cops later.

Get ready to drive circles around the competition as No Goblin’s unique puzzle adventure Roundabout is coming to the PS4 and PS Vita, and to give you a taste of what to expect PlayStation has uploaded the Roundabout Announcement trailer on their YouTube page.

Roundabout follows the rise to fame of Georgio Manos, the worlds most famous/only revolving limousine chauffeur as you drive around the town of Roundabout chaffering passengers in your consistently revolving limo. The revolving limo turns Roundabout from a 70’s styled Crazy Taxi clone into a puzzle sandbox game.

With the money you’ll earn in the game you’ll be able to purchase more estate to generate more cash as well as customize your limo with paint jobs, new horns and hats. You can also take on side missions, find hidden collectables and Roundabout even has a dedicated eSports speed-run mode.

What makes Roundabout stand out from the crowd however is that it features cutting edge (by 70’s standards) full motion videos which brings every passenger to life, meaning you’ll get to see every passenger being acted out by their own actor in the back seat of your limo.

Today PlayStation uploaded the Roundabout Announcement trailer which revealed that the title will be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita sometime in 2015. It is currently available on Steam and the Roundabout site for $14.99 and on the site you can also get the Roundabout Deluxe Edition which comes with the soundtrack, a first person mode, never before seen content and more.

If you want to get Roundabout on Steam you can click this link here.

If you want to get Roundabout on the Roundabout site you can do so here.

This video was uploaded onto PlayStations Youtube account which you can check out here.