The instant messaging platform has won many awards and proves to allow users to bond thorough great video and voice calling features.

Originally Latin American standing for dance, the word Tango is now known also as a popular messaging app. Tango has provided some quality features, which have allowed it to win multiple awards in the year 2013. These include the Appy Awards Must have Application, Verizon’s best declared communication app and also the reader’s choice awards for best texting application for

Tango allows users to create groups including members up to 300. Any group created has the option of being moderated by members. Tango provides for complete association and users can also choose to have personalized one on one conversation with contacts as opposed to groups.

Tango provides incredibly good quality voice and video calling features. These features are available across both Wi-Fi internet and also over cellular data networks. While 3G and 4G networks prove to be great for Tango calls, 2G users will need to upgrade to experience the great application.

Tango calls are absolutely free of cost. Users need to only provide for available internet connection for using Tango. Moreover, Tango provides for separate data bundles corresponding to calls and text messages. This is a really unique and handy feature which allows users to monitor and make the most of their usage.

Tango allows for easy communication and does not require multiple logins or password checks. While this does provide for quicker communication, it also leaves the application susceptible to tapping, hacking and other fraudulent activities. Users need to take care to keep themselves safe.

Tango also has a collaboration with music giant Spotify. This allows users to create slideshows of images with music clips backed from Spotify. The app also allows for easy sharing of this musical slideshow on various platforms. This really makes Tango stand ou as it is the only application which provides such features completely free of cost.

Tango also provides for a dedicated news feed. Users can access their feeds to get informed about the latest news and events and also the global weather updates. Channels for these feeds also include sports, music and lifestyle, entertainment and also relationship channels.

Spotify even allows for background music while using all these features. Music can also easily be shared. Tango is extremely multitasking friendly and users can also easily share images and videos during Tango calls.

Tango is compatible with all major platforms, including the likes of Android, iOS and Windows and is available for free download on their respective stores. Tango can also be downloaded from its website. All that the application requires to be used is a phone number. Once provided, users can use the app instantly. While other details like name, picture and email address can be provided, they are not mandatory. These features only help in finding contacts easier. Tango is also available for other devices like Kindle, PC and also Blackberry and is completely free to download, install and make calls across all supported platforms.