If you can’t get enough of Call of Duty, but you’re away from your console or PC, or ever wanted to experience the game in a different way, ‘Call of Duty Heroes’ should be able to satiate that fix.

Developed by Chinese studio Faceroll, ‘Call of Duty Heroes’ is a mobile strategy game that allows players to customize their base and train elite forces, and take on battles with friends and other players in the Call of Duty universe.  Among the trainable forces are characters from the series’ campaigns such as Sgt. John “Soap” MacTavish and Capt. John Price from the Modern Warfare series, JSOC operative Mike Harper from Black Ops II, and more.


Players take command of an outpost, and are able to utilize a varying amount of weapons and equipment options, such as sentry guns, SAM turrets, mines and more than 30 upgradeable structures.  In the franchise’s traditional fashion, players will also be able to use familiar killstreaks, including the UAV, care packages, drone strikes, chopper gunners as well as tactical expertise unique to each.  You’ll also be able to ally with friends, donate troops and take down opponents to earn in-game rewards.

Call of Duty: Heroes brings back these iconic characters from across the Call of Duty franchise to play once again in an all-new experience created for mobile players,”

“And it’s all focused on the fun. There’s nothing like calling in heavyweights like Capt. Price or Mike Harper and rolling into a new mission right from your phone or tablet.”

– Jeremiah Maza, Executive Producer Activision Publishing Inc.


Call of Duty Heroes is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or at www.appstore.com/codheroes.  The game is also available for the Windows 8 tablet and will come soon for Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.  Activision recommends playing the game on an iPhone 5 or newer, and iPad Air 2 or Mini 2 or newer for an optimal experience.

According to Gamespot, the game offers microtransactions, and offers a maximum single purchase of $100.