To celebrate Christmas and the joyous month of December, Jana from Rat King Entertainment and 22 indie game developers are working together in a winter giveaway event! Starting today, a single developer or team will present their finest free game/soundtrack plus winnable codes for their current project per a day. Interested spectators can view each presentation and prize on the online calendar at Remember though, December the 24th, will be the last day and will feature a big prize draw!

First Advent of Indies:

For those who did not know, these same individuals have actually done this calendar in 2012. Surprised by the overwhelming interest and success, they wanted to continue the idea and let people unwrap a present every day to promote cool developers from all over the world. For example, the indie developers will showcase one game and announce at least three or more winners, like @WobIntosh, @onionblitz and Craig MacEachernwon who won “To the Moon” on December 21st. Folks can see these past entries and winners at

Reason Behind this Ordeal:

Jana Reinhardt (the founder, artist and game designer for Rat King Entertainment) explains why they’re contributing so much for this big ordeal.

We hope to get some press for it, in order to promote this whole bunch of new faces and well-known creatives, and to push forward their awesome game projects.

While the hosts may have fun in running such a tremendous occasion, they can answer any questions or provide more details when folks send an email to! Therefore, checkout the website and new contents each day until December 24!

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