Dying Light Xbox One Techland Improved eSRAM update

Techland’s survival horror title Dying Light will be running at 1080p and 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4, lead game designer Maciej Binkowski has confirmed.

Binkowski has been answering questions regarding Dying Light on the social media website Ask.fm, and during the Q&A he revealed some of the features that people can expect in the upcoming open-world horror title. 

Dying Light places an emphasis on users to scavenge for supplies and equipment in the zombie-infested world, but the title will also include the option to make in-game purchases.

Meanwhile, Binkowski said that certain areas of the map will be restricted at first due to them centring on the story of the title, meaning players will be able to explore more territories the further they progress in the main campaign.

When he was asked about the capped level system and whether or not new skill points would be introduced in the form of DLC, the developer said they “don’t have a decision on that yet,” but he did state that they “can raise level cap and add new skills if need be.”

Techland’s title will shift between a day and night cycle during the game — changing and creating different scenarios for the player to deal with — and Binkowski confirmed that night-time lasts for only 7 minutes and the time can’t be adjusted by people when they please.

“Yes — from what we observed it is enough to make a grown man say: “I don’t want to go out at night again,” he said, after being asked why the night cycle lasts approximately 7 minutes.

Running on Chrome Engine 6, Dying Light will launch in North America on January 27th and January 30th, 2015 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.