Breaking Bad

With the recent announcement of a Telltale game set in the Minecraft Universe I began to think of five other franchises that Telltale games should of. Telltale has already make stories from blockbuster franchises such as Game Of Thrones, Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead so it is feasible that the next project Telltale announce can be from any franchise. Here are four great choices for Telltale’s next game:




Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the arguably the best TV show ever made. Telltale will have a wealth of options in making a game set in New Mexico; the game can be from Walter White’s perspective, Gus Fring’s perspective or even a brand new character’s perspective. The world of Breaking Bad would provide players will fleshed out characters in addition to a world which would be perfect for gripping decisions. We could even have some “Better Call Soul” DLC in the future.


Questing in Star Wars: The Old Republic never feels like a boring grind!


Star Wars

Star Wars has one of the largest universes in all of movies, comics and television. The possibilities for a Telltale Star Wars game are almost endless. The protagonist could be of any race and have plenty of interesting abilities. The idea of having a game set in the same era of the original trilogy is saliva inducing, interacting with characters such as Han Solo, Boba Fett and Darth Vader would be very cool. Star Wars would be an excellent place for Telltale to create a new story that would on forever.

Randy Orton WWE 2K15





If you are a fan of professional wrestling like me then you will know the most interesting things going on in the wrestling world are actually taking place in the ring but instead are taking place outside of the ring. Podcasts such as Colt Cabana podcast are what people are really interested in. If Telltale made a wrestling game about the life of wrestlers outside of the ring and focused on aspects of people’s careers and health it would certainly be an interesting idea. The name could be ‘The Art of Wrestling’ and it could be a ‘Shooter’ starring CM Punk.

house of cards


House Of Cards

The House Of Cards game would be quite similar to the WWE game where a lot of the gameplay would be about political manoeuvring. The main star of the Netflix series, Kevin Spacey, has already proven that he is excellent in the motion capture studio through his work in Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare. The Political underworld of Washington would be an interesting venture for Telltale as it would be a departure from the norm. Just like Breaking Bad there are numerous options for who the protagonist will be, while Frank Underwood is an obvious choice House Of Cards has many character who would also be interesting to play as.

These are just a few choices for Telltale’s next game, what do you want to see from the talented studio? Tell us in the comments below.