For what is probably the most successful product to arise from Kickstarter, the Oculus Rift has easily brought brand new worries to the console gaming industry.

Sony responded with the unveiling of their own virtual reality headset, codenamed Playstation Morpheus, at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Microsoft recently brought up talks of them working on their own virtual reality headset, and Nintendo….well they haven’t really entered themselves in the virtual reality headset war.




The picture above is of the Playstation Morpheus, and it looks very pretty. However, looks are only a small part of it. Functionality is what it will all fall down too when it comes to who wins this virtual reality war. One thing that Sony has had a leg up on when it comes to facing the Oculus Rift is it’s integration of the Playstation Eye and Playstation Move which will help in fully immersing the player within the virtual realm.

Oculus Rift responded by partnering themselves with Leap Motion and not only meeting Playstation, but probably surpassing Playstation by giving players nothing to hold and just adding a small motion-capturing camera mounted onto the headset itself.

For a slightly better explanation of what Oculus Rift is doing, refer to the video below:



Microsoft’s entry into this virtual reality war has certainly made it clear to the gaming industry, and the community as well, that virtual reality is the future and whether you like it or not there is no avoiding it.

VRFocus, the group lucky enough to be given developer kits of the Xbox One gaming virtual reality headset, told the public on the 19th of this month that Microsoft is aiming at unveiling their headset at E3 2015. Along with its E3 unveiling, they also hope to release the final product to the public later that very same year.

There is certainly a very hopeful atmosphere within Microsoft in regards to the Xbox One virtual reality headset, Project Neo. Who knows if they will even be able to meet the deadline they’ve set for themselves, but one thing is for certain, virtual reality is no longer a thing of science fiction. It’s coming and it’s coming sooner than we thought.