Gamer calls police regarding recent PSN Xbox Live outages

Many a gamer, new and old, were understandably distraught over the recent Christmas Day PlayStation Network and Xbox Live outages, which made it nearly impossible for gamers to connect to their respective services and play their games.

However, one Florida gamer believed the situation to be such an emergency that he or she actually contacted emergency services to see if they had any information regarding the PlayStation Network/Xbox Live service outages.

The police dispatcher’s subsequent response was appropriately blunt, yet somewhat entertaining.

See it and read more on the situation after the break.


Gamer Calls Police About XBL/PSN Outages

Xbox Live outage gamer calls 911


According to WPTV, a teenage gamer from Palm Beach County, Florida contacted 911 regarding the recent PlayStation Network and Xbox Live outages, asking:

“Do you know what’s going on with PlayStation Network and Xbox Live being down? It’s been down since Christmas. I heard they’ve arrested 2 people so far.”

The dispatcher responded with the following:

Last time I checked, that wasn’t an emergency. Try going outside or read a book.”

You can view a snippet of the conversation, as posted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s official Twitter, below:

What are your thoughts on the dispatcher’s response? Appropriate? Inconsiderate? Entertaining? All of the above? Also, what do you think of the gamer’s initial call to 911 to ask emergency services about the Christmas Day outages?

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