According to the author of the steam page for Dark Deceptions, this modern twist Pac-Man horror game will not be released this January. However, Boomstick_King has stated that the release date and price will be announced in the coming days. Instead, this virtual nightmare will soon be in another crowd-funding campaign that will launch sometime this week, which is noted in the image below or in the third update at the KickStarter page.


As a quick reminder, Glowstick Games cancelled the previous fundraising campaign for Dark Deceptions on June 18, 2014. Since then, many visual and game-play changes has been made by the developers who used their own personal funds, time, and effort. Additionally, the development team with Jake Kaufman has uploaded in-progress draft without the youtube videos. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 console edition (which has now been confirmed by will also support the forthcoming PS4 VR head-mounted display (HMD), Project Morpheus.

As a final reminder, Dark Deception will be arriving on numerous platforms: PS4, Wii-U, PS Vita, and PC (Windows, Mac, & Linux). For more information, please visit the steam page

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