Cry On Mistwalker

Last week Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi released a previously unseen trailer for his studio Mistwalker’s cancelled Xbox 360 project Cry On on his Youtube channel, and it is absolutely beautiful.

The game, which was a joint project with now defunct studio Cavia, centres around a young girl named Sally and her familiar Bogle, a tiny stone creature able to transform into a giant colossus. Whatever powers Sally’s tears have, she certainly does cry a lot:

The game, which was to be scored by Final Fantasy veteran composer Nobuo Uematsu, had promised to deliver an “emotional response” from the player, and would combine the puzzle solving skills of Sally with the combat abilities of Bogle. The game was cancelled back in 2008.

What do you make of this trailer for Cry On? It is interesting that Sakaguchi is only revealing it now, though it seems unlikely that the game will be rebooted at this point. Regardless, at least we have a Ghibli-esque trailer to swoon over.