Troy Baker

Voice actor Troy Baker has claimed that certain themes (homosexuality, racism, nationalism, etc.) touched upon in video games demonstrates the impact and influence that they are continuing to have on people.

During an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session on Reddit yesterday, a user, Amesstar, expressed her appreciation towards developer Sucker Punch and Baker for their collaboration on the PlayStation 4-exclusive Infamous Second Son.

After writing a heartfelt statement about Second Son helping her during a difficult time in her life — which is something that is definitely worth reading — Amesstar poised a hotly debated question to Baker: “Do you think video games have the power to change people’s mindsets?”

“You are the proof that they can, and that they are,” reads Troy Baker’s response. “They are doing just that. And you are a shining example of the fact that these are not just games, but these experiences help us cope, help us comfort, can guide us and teach us as well as just be an escape. But yes, you are proof they can do much greater things than just entertain. 

“And I think they already are. I see the conversations that were sparked by BioShock, Infamous, The Last of Us, that touched on very relevant, serious, grounded issues like homosexuality, loss, racism, nationalism, and the conversations that were had were not over how to defeat this boss or this level but it’s what it means to us as people, as a culture. And those are the conversations that spearhead true change.”

The film adaptation of The Last of Us was also brought up during the AMA and Baker, who did the motion capture and voice acting for protagonist Joel in the game, was asked how he felt towards the project, with the voice actor saying that he’s fully backing the movie to be a success.

“I think that the story transcends any medium, so I am all for the movie,” he said. “And I trust Neil [Druckmann] and the producers implicitly on who fits the character right.”

The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann is currently penning the script and Sam Raimi (Spider-Man & The Evil Dead) will be producing the feature film.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams said she would “love” for the opportunity to assume the role of Ellie, the main ally of Joel, in The Last of Us movie.

Featured image credit: IQRemix on Flickr.