A new update has emerged for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which has added some new playlists, one of which many competitive Halo 2 Classic players will surely be thankful for.

That playlist is Team Hardcore, best known for its competitve tournament-like gametypes such as Battle Rifle starts with no radar available. Most of these gametypes were used during the MLG days of Halo 2 Classic, so veterans of the game should have fond memories playing this popular playlist and can now play it again through The Master Chief Collection.

Maps include the likes of Midship, Sanctuary, Lockout, Beaver Creek and Warlock, sporting gametypes such as Capture The Flag, Oddball, Team Slayer and Assault on the respective maps.

Also added into the mix is the Halo 4 playlist, which includes Team Slayer, Legendary Slayer BR, Crazy King and more on Haven, Adrift, Abandon, Solace, Monolith, Landfall, Skyline, Pitfall and Vertigo.

Eventually, Halo 3 and its competitive gametypes will be added to the Team Hardcore playlists. Other future playlists update will include fan favourites; Team Sniper, Team Doubles and an objective-based playlists. More is to come but no mention of what has been revealed yet. 

For a full list of current playlists, maps and gametypes, check out Halo Waypoint.