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Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has become the first 8th-generation console to reach a total sales number of 50 million units worldwide, VGChartz reports.

Nintendo’s handheld, released back in 2011, has had yearly sales ranging from 12.56 million units in it’s first year, to a peak of 14.37 million in 2013. Counted as part of the current console generation, the Nintendo 3DS has beaten both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the top spot, as well as Nintendo’s own Wii U console.

During the final months of 2014, Nintendo released the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan and New Zealand, which brought in an extra 1.55 million sales. Now that the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL have a release date for the European and North American markets, the numbers will more than likely sky rocket again.

The New Nintendo 3DS, and it’s sister console the New 3DS XL, have improved battery life, NFC support for Amiibos as well as a power upgrade and a whole host of new features. The consoles were revealed early last year and were the focus of this week’s Nintendo Direct which featured a ton of new announcements and reveals from the Japanese company. 

The two consoles will launch February 13th, 2015.