Nosgoth servers

The Nosgoth servers have been switched off to prepare for the Open Beta which kicks off this Wednesday

As the game gets ready for its Open Beta, the Nosgoth servers have been turned offline. This marks the end of the games time in Closed Beta and also gives the team time to do maintanence on the servers ahead of the Open Beta which kicks off on January 21st.

From 8am PST/ 4pm GMT Nosgoth will open the floud gates to anyone interested in trying the game, and entering the game will be as easy as downloading the game for free on Steam. Besides downloading the game players will need a Square Enix Members account, an internet connect and a PC strong enough to run at least the games minumum requirements:

Will you join the humans or leave humanity behind with the vampires in the Nosgoth Open Beta?

OS: Windows Vista SP2

Processor: 2.0 GHz


Video Card: Nvidia 8800 or ATI 2900

HDD Space: 3 GB

Meanwhile Nosgoths Recommended system requirements are:

OS: Windows 7 or higher

Processor: 2.0 + GHz multi-core


Video Card: Nvidia 260 series or ATI 5850

HDD Space: 4 GB.

Nosgoth is a team based Player vs Player online game that takes place in the Legend of Kain universe. The game is built to be a free-to-play game and sees players  either embrace the darkness as vampires or take the fight to vampires as the humans in all out fights to the death. 

Till the Open Beta starts on January 21st Nosgoth servers have been turned offline for maintenance. 

Original Source: Nosgoth blog