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New Documentary Reinforces the Prevalence of Gaming

Rooster Teeth – the company behind Achievement Hunter and Red vs Blue – are releasing a documentary which highlights the significance of the Let’s Play format.

Let’s Play Live: The Documentary will follow the guys from Achievement Hunter as they attempt to host a ‘first-of-its-kind’ online game session in front of a live stadium audience.

As it stands, the film – launching on Monday September 14 – will only be available to sponsors of Rooster Teeth. However, the company are currently running a 30-day-free-trial sponsorship initiative; meaning that if you sign up now your trial will cover the video’s release.

First broadcast in 2011 – 3 years after the birth of the main site – Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play videos have become some of the most popular on YouTube.

The creation of this documentary serves to further highlight the increasing relevance of gaming culture. In a world where eSports have grown to the point that ESPN are looking to hire a Gaming Reporter, who’s to say that Let’s Play Live events can’t become the equivalent of rock concerts?

Original Author: Jay Michael