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Intel Breaks 5GHz Laptop CPU Ceiling With Core i9-10980HK

The 10th generation of Intel’s Core H-Series of portable central processing units is here, and it’s keen on making history. Namely, the Santa Clara, California-incorporated silicon giant today took the wraps off the Core i9-10980HK.

Much like that lengthy model number implies, this CPU means business. And perhaps the best illustration of its ambitions is its certified operating frequency, which stands at a whopping 5.3GHz while the processor’s Turbo Mode is active. Making this the world’s first laptop CPU factory-clocked at over 5Ghz.

Besides eight physical cores, the 64-bit CPU offers 16 threads and 16MB of Intel’s so-called Smart Cache. Which is a lot, even without accounting for the fact this CPU’s cache management has been delegated to a cutting-edge AI that gets better at optimizing performance and battery life the more you use it.

Compared to the previous generation of Intel’s high-end laptop processors, the Core i9-10980HK boasts up to 54% higher frame rate output and up to twice as fast 4K video rendering in typical editing applications such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects apps.

Wi-Fi 6 support is also included, as is Thunderbolt 3 connectivity allowing four times greater bandwidth cap compared to USB 3.1. First laptops utilizing the Core i9-10980HK are expected to hit the U.S. market by early summer, Intel said.