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Valve Kills SteamVR Support For macOS, Possibly Upsetting Dozens

Valve is pulling the plug on SteamVR support for Apple’s macOS, the company announced as part of a revised platform change log released shortly after midnight. The development risks the ire of, like, dozens of SteamVR users running macOS… oh, who are we kidding?

The public logs probably all belong to the same handful of Valve developers testing various use cases. Yeah, at this point, it’s definitely safe to assert that the Venn diagram of SteamVR users and macOS users probably isn’t terribly large. Assuming any overlap even exists, at this point. Still, the announcement form Valve already gathered north of a hundred thumbs-up reactions on the platform’s Steam forums. Which tells us at least a triple-digit number of people found this announcement as amusing as we have.

So, before we move on to 2021, spoiler alert: don’t buy an Apple computer if you have big hopes for virtual reality software. At least as it pertains to gaming, which is Valve’s forte, obviously.

Apple, for its part, currently appears to be much more interested in augmented reality over VR. As evidenced by the fact that even its latest iPads are equipped with miniature LiDARs akin to those on self-driving cars. VR headsets? Pff, that’s so 2020, get on with the times!