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Vader Immortal Coming to PSVR Later This Month

During today’s State of Play live stream, Sony announced that Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is getting ported to its PSVR platform. In fact, the actual process is pretty much already done, as the trilogy got a firm release date.

More specifically, Sony confirmed Vader Immortal will be hitting the PS Store on August 25th. Black Shamrock and ILMxLAB have been contracted to handle the PSVR port, which has been in the making since early this year, as indicated by Sony itself. Today’s announcement was also accompanied by some new concept art from Vader Immortal which hasn’t been seen previously.

The overall offering will still have a three-part structure and follow everyone’s favorite sci-fi villain during some key moments of his well-publicized arc. This is a digital-only release, mind you, as it would appear neither Sony nor Lucasfilm believe a physical Blu-ray version is worth the trouble of manufacturing given everything that’s been going on throughout 2020.

With that said, this stance may yet change if the PSVR version of Vader Immortal ends up enjoying a particularly warm reception among PSVR owners. No pricing details have been given as of yet, but if the PC original is any indication, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series will retail at $29.99 via the PS Store.