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New Diablo IV Skilll System Detailed In Latest Dev Diary

With another quarter nearing its end, Blizzard has today shared yet another one of its quarterly updates concerning the development of Diablo IV. Which appears to be coming along nicely, actually.

And especially relative to the previous installment. Whose progress wasn’t being reported on as transparently and meticulously as it’s the case with Diablo 4. Of course, this could all just be another ploy but we’re opting for cautious optimism regarding the fourth installment in the OG action role-playing game series that is still schooling countless copycasts despite the fact that it has, itself, succumbed to some quite predatory monetization practices.

Oh well, those may be a given, but a new skill system with revamped mechanics is not!

And that is precisely what Blizzard decided to distract us with today. We hate to say it but it’s working, because this super tightly integrated version of the old talent trees and customization clots has us salivating at our customization-hungry and we swear entirely figurative mouths. What’s more, this new system appears to be deepening the one from Diablo III, which is at last a AAA developer-led counter-trend we can get behind, amid all those devs keen on dumbing down their classics.

Oh, and not to mention a bunch of words we’re bound to eat sooner or later, knowing who’s calling the shots at Activision-Blizzard. But, again – cautious optimism will be genuinely attempted, just no promises on whether it succeeds.