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Party Like It’s 1997: Doom 64 Pre-Orders Are Live

Bethesda is accepting pre-orders on physical editions of Doom 64 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as of today. The time-limited period during which you can secure a day-one copy of this anti-demon classic is exclusive to the United States and Canada, mind you.

At least in this particular iteration that we are about to describe. Like that name already implies, you are looking at quite a collector’s item here, with the idea being to play up on a generational nostalgia and make some money on a game that allows Doom veterans to once again party like it’s 1997.

While you should be able to nab a digital copy of Doom 64 for either Sony or Nintendo’s gaming console, these physical editions aren’t expected to be on sale for too long. Whether that was the original plan or just a side effect of the craziness this year threw our way is hard to say, but also completely irrelevant in the end.

The point is: if you want a phyiscal release of a re-release of a remake of this re-released reinvisioned reimagining of a classic, you’ll have to act pronto. In exchange, you can count on a sweet retro-style Doom 64 packaging to go along with the nostalgia-filled demon-shooting frenzy of a game, not to mention a very familiar-looking metal cartridge.

What else to say but – N64ever?