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HP Omen 30L Pairs RTX 3090 With i9-10900K For Ultimate Gaming Overkill

The HP Omen 30L is how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is calling its latest gaming desktop range announced earlier today. The poster boy of this desktop generation leaves nothing to be desired, offering NVIDIA’s best-ever GPU in the GeForce RTX 3090, Intel’s equally high-end Core i9 10900K CPU, and 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

If you prefer to overkill your gaming needs in AMD’s colors, expect configurations with the recently launched Ryzen 5000 Series GPUs in just a few weeks – if not days – from now.

Up to 2TB of SSD storage completes the mind-numbing top end of the newly introduced HP Omen 30L family. If you’re afraid to ask how much this high-end package would set you back, the American manfuacturer isn’t ready to share any pricing details just yet.

Could be because it’s still figuring out how much it could charge for this monstrosity. More likely, however, is that it’s simply waiting for a more opportune time to announce the series’ pricing details. Meaning closer to the actual release window of the new dekstops. Which currently stands at late 2020, but we’re still waiting for any more concrete availability info.

For reference, however, let it be known that last year’s Omen 25L flagship configuration retailed at $1,500, and that price didn’t even net you a 2TB SSD but a more modest, 512GB one.