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Intel Unveils 11th-Gen CPUs With 8K-Ready Xe Graphics

Intel today finally detailed the 11th generation of its central processing units, code-named Tiger Lake. There’s no doubt about what the key selling point of this year’s CPU refresh is; that title goes to the new Intel Xe graphics chip architecture.

Several years in the making, this integrated GPU solution promises to outperform by the old Intel HD family by several degrees of magnitude in virtually every metric imaginable. All at once, of course. More specifically, Intel says these new cutting-edge chips are ready for 8K HDR displays and can also output up to four 4K HDR screens at once.

Quite a tagline, I’m sure you’ll agree. In essence, we’re looking at a solution that’s a viable integrated alternative to “real” GPUs. But raw power aside, we’ are particularly excited to see these Xe graphics in laptop configurations that already include dedicated GPUs. Because this kind of boost to their integrated rendering capabilities is bound to result in substantial battery life gains.

Primarily because such devices will be able to avoid turning on dedicated GPUs for any but the most demanding of tasks, or based on individual user preferences. As an added bonus, ultrabooks powered by Tiger Lake CPUs are promiseed to have near-instant wake times amounting to under a single second.