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Rocket League’s About To Go F2P: Here’s What That Means

Much like Epic Games announced earlier this summer, about a year after acquiring Rocket League dev Psyonix, the beloved air-to-goalposts video game is about to go free-to-play.

Here’s what that actually means, though, besides the obvious implications of the said business model’s name:

  • Tournaments are getting revamped, with a new focus being – ka-ching! Correct, ensuring that sweet, rocket-propelled printer keeps going “brr!”
  • Competitive season 1 iis scheduled to begin immediately. And yes, Epic is calling it Season 1 even though the actual Season 1 is wrapping up as we speak. No resting on the laurels and all that, I guess.
  • Rocket Passes will now be sold on a per-season basis. Yes, Epic altered the rules and you can only pray they don’t alter them further.
  • This one is actually kind of good or at least snarky-comment-proof-ier: Season 2 and all subsequent seasons will stick to fixed schedules.

Now here’s the revolutionary part, at least from Psyonix’s perspective: those schedules will be communicated – way in advance. Get your #organization hashtags ready for when that actually happens, though we’ll believe it when we see it.

Oh, and Season 1-2-whatever, the NEXT one will come with its own set of unique titles. More details are expected shortly, and we will, of course, let you know when that happens.

In the meantime: pedal to the metal!