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Swedish CS:GO Star Given Fine, Community Service For Tax Evasion

Robin Rönnquist, better known by his CS:GO alias “Flusha“, has been found guilty of tax evasion in his home country of Sweden. A competent court ruled Mr. Rönnquist failed to report in excess of a million Swedish kronor in winnings, which equates to approximately $120,000. The entirety of the said sum, dating back to as far as 2015, should have been reported as taxable income, the court said in first-instance ruling on the matter.

In effect, Mr. Rönnquist has been ordered to pay income tax on the said sum, on top of a 40% surcharge and the equivalent of another $100 to the Swedish Crime Victims Fund. This comes down to a $23,100 in total. On top of that, the CS:GO professional has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service which he needs to start fulfilling in the immediate future. Failing that, he is facing a short-term prison sentence spanning four months, as per applicable Swedish law.

Esports team Fnatic that currently has Mr. Rönnquist on its roster confirmed the sentencing won’t affect team preparations or his participation in the upcoming Flashpoint Season 2 event. It is currently unknown whether the 27-year-old rifler intends to appeal the verdict. According to applicable tax law, he has 30 days to file for a remedy, but also risks an even larger fine should an appelate judicial body found his attempt completely baseless.