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EA Sets New Esports Viewership Record With FIFA 21 Challenge

The newly debuted EA Sports FIFA 21 Challenge set a major Esports viewership record in Electronic Arts’ sizable hall of fame.

The 24-hour event had over 254,000 viewers on average at any given minute. 254,057 to be exact, EA sports revealed as part of a prepared statement issued earlier today for added context illustrating how significant of a milestone this is, the previous record holder was a Barcelona-themed FUT Champions Cup that averaged just under 92,700 viewers. Yup, the FIFA 21 Challenge almost tripled that ceiling, pretty much redefining Esports broadcasting success all on its own.

With that said, this newly reported success is hardly surprising given the contents of the event itself. As the FIFA 21 Challenge enlisted help from dozens of top professionals; athletes from the strongest European leagues and their Esports counterparts, in order to deliver a one-of-a-kind invitational tournament.

The pair that triumphed in the end was that of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and Donovan Hunt, aka Tekkz from Fnatic. Each of them hence got to pick their favorite charities which split the $20,000 prize pool. Given the success of this particular event it stands to reason that EA sports will be organizing more similar invitational tourneys in the very near future.