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Epic Details All Fortnite Xbox Series X|S Improvements

Studio Epic Games today detailed the extent of gameplay enchantments arriving to Fortnite on Xbox Series X/S. The usual suspects have all been listed: longer drawing distances faster loading times better quality textures etc.

Additionally Next Gen Xbox consoles will run Fortnite at 60 frames per second, more realistic water simulations as well as well as better looking skies will also be supported from day one. Epic is hoping the next-gen version of Fortnite will raise the bar in terms of battle royale immersiveness and graphical fidelity, the company said in a prepared statement issued this afternoon.

The entirety of the Xbox Series S and Series X update detailed above is still running on Unreal Engine 4, however. But at some point next year, Epic Games will be making the switch to Unreal Engine 5, the company said, confirming the obvious.

Be that as it may, with its latest and greatest engine generation under the hood, Epic will be targeting even greater performance improvements and gameplay enchantments in Fortnite. It might even push out support a 120fps display mode, a company official said. No promises regarding that last part, however, as plenty of things would have to fall into place before 120fps Fortnite gameplay could become a reality on consoles. In 1080p only, of course, they’re not *that* epic.