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Griezmann’s Esports Team Partners With OM For 20/21 FIFA Season

Antoine Griezmann’s professional esports team has just joined forces with one of the most decorated clubs from the top division of French football (and any other division of French football, believe it or not).

In a press released issued moments ago, Grizi Esport announced that yes, they are indeed called Grizi Esport, and more importantly, they are partnering with Olympique de Marseille for the upcoming season of EA Sports FIFA. The 2020/21 edition of the top FIFA (21) esports echelon will see the combined team competing in FIFA eClub World Cup and FIFA Global Series.

Additionally, Grizi Esports will also be participating in the French eLigue1. Besides EA Sports itself, this particular mini-league format is also co-organized by the Professional Football League, aka LFP, which is esserntially the French FA. Even its referees are comparably incompetent to those from La Liga, so Griezmann’s protégés should feel right at home, so long as they have seen any of the last 278 El Clásicos.

Naturally, this is all just an elaborate marketing ploy, which is why today’s press release mentions things like “offline activations” and “attempts to capitalise” instead of “fun” and “may the best team win.” But that is par for the course in this day and age of hyper-commercialization, especially when it comes to a sport and officially licensed franchise as popular as football, i.e. soccer and FIFA.