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Mods and Circuses: RTX Arrives To GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas

While Rockstar was busy designing new Shark Card design press release templates ahead of fully automating GTA Online content roadmap with five lines of Python, someone went ahead and added full-featured ray-tracing support to GTA V3, Vice City, and San Andreas. The single player ones, yes.

Anyway, a new mod combination that started floating around the Internet at last brings ray-tracing support to the original 3D trilogy of GTAs – GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and the legendary GTA: San Andreas. Oh, but they’re all legendary. Well, GTA III may be just a teeny-tiny bit less legendary than the other two but they’re all legendary!

Anyway, RTX in these three classics is now officially ON. Well, not officially, but kind of. Ray Traced Vice City, even with prehistoric textures from 2002,, has a certain charm to it still. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from modding in 8K textures to replace the muddy mess of that was Lance Vance’s face… or wait, that was after-anyway, this is as good of a time as any to revisit these iconic staples of the genre; it’s not like Rockstar seems to be planning on releasing anything other than Shark Card-framed mementos to those simpler times akin to The U.S. Postal Service post-humously honoring Jack Kirby with some collector’s postal marks.