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Hearthstone Duels: Season One Starts Today

The inaugural season of new Hearthstone staple called Duels is now available across the United States and the rest of the world. Following a tightly run early access period (for Blizzard’s chaotic standards, at least), you can now launch your very own Duels adventure right there from the Inkeeper’s main menu.

Well, assuming you have the dough, that is. Not the real money, relax, just the fake one you can only ever hope to maybe one day have enough if you spend hundreds of dollars on Hearthstone packs every month in a neverending cycle of power creeps and control player’s weeps.

Ok, the good news is that Casual Duels runs are free, but the Heroic runs, the ones that come with real rewards identical their Arena predecessors – cost just as much as the latter – 150 fake gold or $1.99 real dollar signs per attempt, up to 12 wins or three defeats.

Arena Ticket hoarders should be pleased to know that should they ever decide to part with even one of their precious little digital cards, they’ll be able to redeem them in exchange for Duels runs using the same exchange ratio applied to the original Arena gameplay mode.

Of course, with Season One being officially underway, this poor man’s Arena mode is turning into Arena on steroids thanks to the arrival of two simultaneous hero powers and three signature treasures per player. Talk about a good recipe for mayhem!