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Overwatch Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge Begins, Hurry Up Into The Grinder Already!

Blizzard today launched the previously detailed Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge in Overwatch, so look’s like grind is back on the menu! The event itself is pretty time-limited, as it will only run for just under two weeks.

The 30th of November is the final day to seize and event-exclusive rewards, to be exact. As for what is on offer, Marammat Symmetra is obviously the star of the show, as this new Epic skin will let your opponents know just what kind of try-harder they’re dealing with and hopefully put them off for at least a split second. As for the more substantial part of the reward pool: seven unique sprays, a singular player icon fresh from the press, and five…. no, wait, that’s it.

So… 13 days may not actuallly be as limiting as most would have anticipated. But then again, Marammat Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge is pretty comparable to other two-week Overwatch events we’ve seen Blizzard launch on quite a lot of occasions over the course of the last few years. Content-wise, that is, even though its announcement is really doing its very best to instill dat dreaded FOMO into your brittle spine.

But to quote Orisa: “Please move behind the barrier,” and let us dismantle these gimmicky events. The wicked deserve a rest from the grind every once in a while.