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Riot Playing Hardball Over League of Legends Broadcasting Rights

Riot Games is said to be playing hardball over broadcasting rights for the next Esports season of League of Legends. In a press release publicized several minutes back, the famous developer, itself, confirmed it’s looking to a buyer willing to license out the entirety of its rights. As opposed to fragmentizing the next LoL Esports season over half a dozen platforms, or more.

This latter approach has pretty much been the rule so far. Presumably because no one was too keen to take on the full risk of carrying the entire season. Or perhaps due to the fact Riot simply hasn’t been pushing for a unified licensing model up until right now. In reality, it’s probably a mixture of both. The fact remains, however, that whomever ends up streaming the 2021 LoL Esports season will be covering it in its entirety – or not at all.

Given how the competitive scene surrounding the hit free-to-play MOBA is in a pretty healthy state right now, this move makes a lot of sense from Riot’s standpoint. Namely, if there ever was a time to capitalize on the LoL Esports scene, it’s right now, so it’s not really a surprise the studio decided to go all in with the next season’s broadcasting rights.

It remains to be seen who emerges victorious following this show of hand on Riot’s part. It’s not like too many platforms even have the cash to pay what Riot would likely command for an entire season’s worth of world-class LoL play.