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Rocket League Competitive Season 1 (No, The Other Season 1) Titles Announced

As the first competitive season of Rocket League is coming to a close, Epic Games saw fitting to unveil the full list of title rewards that will be immortalize the most successful players from this inaugural competition. Or, you know, send a singular underwhelming skin to some extra salty inboxes come next week.

And yes, we just used two words to say “titles,” blame Epic’s marketing buzzwords that are rubbing off on us. Oh, and this is officially Season 1, even though the actual Season 1 took place as a sort of a pay-to-play closed beta for 14 days prior to Rocket League going free-to-play. Anyway, this Season 1.2 will see its Grand Champion rewarded with a crimsony “S1 GRAND CHAMPION” in all capsnext to their name., with the following four places also being set to receive their very own title-shaped Internet flexing rights.

A handful of Supersonic Legend titles will be given out, as well. For the uninitiated, Rocket League Competitive Season 1 is scheduled to wrap up next Wedneday, December 9th. Details about the second ranked season should follow shortly, however. In fact, it’s basically a given Epic will be announcing those prior to the end of the current season. Perhaps even tomorrow, if we are being optimistic.