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NFINITE|Binchang Wins Tekken Online Challenge 2020 US West: Results

The regional Tekken Online Challenge 2020 event for Western United State is concluded as of this afternoon. NFINITE|Binchang ended up winning this tracket and in quite a style, at that. Namely, his road to number-one U.S. West placement saw him display mastery with no fewer than six characters: Paul, Jin, Bok, Claudio, Fahkumram, and the iconic Heihachi.

That’s as many as the next three most-successful challengers combined, primarily because the third-placed Nijisa managed this remarkable ranking with a textbook example of a one-trick-pony display. Or one-trick-Anna display, if we want to more accurately reflect on his showing. The second-place ELNEGRO, meanwhile, showed a decent range by playing with Kunimitsu, Leroy, and Master Raven.

The rest of the bracket also included one- or two-character competitors. Luck of the draw aside, NFINITE|Binchang demonstrated a what might just be the form of his life. And at the very least, he schooled the entire US West bracket on the fundamentals of Tekken, including the already mentioned but nonetheless crucial lesson in versatility.

It’s going to be exciting to see whether he can carry on this form in the finals, and whether his employer, gaming giant Microsoft, ends up snatching Bandai Namco just to dovetail with today’s show of dominance.

After that crazy $7.5 billion ZeniMax deal announced several weeks back, there’s no telling how crazy Redmond could get when it comes to this year’s gaming glory.