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WoW: Shadowlands Delayed Agai-just Kidding, It’s Finally LIVE

Given the number of times Blizzard delayed World of Wacraft: Shadowlands, you’d think the universe really conspired against a new chapter in the most famous MMORPG of all times.

That is still going remarkably strong, thanks primarily due to its Classic-branded rerelease and not the frequently delayed, supposedly 21st-century expansion packs. Well, what’s done is done, unless it’s been delayed as well, so let’s see what’s on offer here: a new level cap at 60, streamlined progression up to level 50 for new players, a professions system allowing you to engage in a revolutionary game mechanic of collecting junk and crafting more, slightly less worthless junk from that original pile, the ability to forge your own, fine-tuned Legendary items…. a pretty decent content drop, to be frank.

And that is without even so much as mentioning the Shadowlands covenants, a new zone with hundreds of accompanying quests, some of which haven’t been procedurally generated, a four-level dungeon beneath the said area for farming legendary drops, expanded character customization, a thematically fitting season of competitive play set to launch on December 8th… oh, and a silly but amusing introductory excursion to the shadowlands designed for players of all echelons.

And someone at Blizzard was grounded with remaking the old WoW companion app, so give that a download for the first time since Steve Jobs explained to us what an iPhone is and why it doesn’t have a definite article in front of it. See you in Shadowlands, where our love-hate relationship with the modern WoW experience is destined to continue!