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Bungie Intros New Game2Give Charity Event

Destiny developer Bungie today announced the second iteration of the best freshly started tradition across the entirety of the AAA game dev industry – called the Game2Give charity event.

This happening is once again being put together in support of the Bungie Foundation that is closely working with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in order to bring some joy to the lives of those that need it most – Destiny players who spend 1,400 hours grinding gear that’s getting reset next month-just kidding, it’s sick children.

Not the remaining Destiny DLC apologists, the benefactors of this charity. And if even a portion of Bungie’s vast profits is used to help sick kids, then maybe we’ll be a little less annoyed about the its latest business practices. Not enough to avoid whining about those amid what’s supposed to be an announcement of a genuinely heart-warming charity event, mind you.

Speaking of which, anyone joining Bungie devs during scheduled streams taking place from today through December 14th is very welcome to help everyone involved bring some extra smiles on the youngest among troubled faces this holiday season. Big props to everyone who participates and don’t worry, we’ll be back to whining about Destiny DLCs early next year, happy holidays!